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Hi, I’m Amber Lee. Welcome to my bodywork practice, Healing Avenues.

Since I was 4 years old I have been learning massage and healing therapies. I initially learned basic methods from my grandmother and then started experimenting with energetic techniques on my own as a teenager.

In 2016, I graduated from Mckinnon Body Therapy Center with training in Craniosacral therapy, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Acupressure. She has also studied extensively with prestigious organizations such as The Barral Institute and Upledger Institute.

Core Modalities of Healing Avenues

Qigong and Tai Chi Classes

Slow moving ancient chinese martial arts to help your energy, physical flexibility, balance, and more!

Comprehensive Corrective Bodywork

Customized sessions to help you and your body restore and adjust for optimal alignment and physical well-being.

Prenatal Women’s Health

Customized sessions to help your changing pregnant body achieve muscle relaxation, ease pain, and provide nourishment

Learn About My Modalities

My quest to help people originates from a desire to help people to alleviate their pain and live in more harmony.

Craniosacral Therapy

Osteopathic modality that helps relieve headaches, migraines, jaw tension, concussion patterns, eye strain, nervous system tension, and more

Qigong and Tai Chi

Learn this ancient movement medicine rooted in Chinese medicine where you are empowered with skills to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Comprehensive Corrective Bodywork

With over a decade of training, I am able to effectively customize your session. I will listen with you and your body to address your physical concerns and relieve discomfort with advanced bodywork techniques.

Sound Healing Therapy

Vibrational healing that is soothing and balancing for your energy. Hand hammered Tibetan bowls made by Nepalese monks can be used on the body to help with joints and fascial tension.

Internal Organ & Nerve Manipulation

This is where I work with your body to harmonize your internal organ movements to  address GI discomfort, bloating, incontinence, fatigue, nerve impingement, most neuropathy and more.

Prenatal Massage

Supportive bodywork for expectant mothers, relieving pelvic, head, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, jaw discomfort, bloating, and more. Suggestions for pelvic and physical self-care may be included as well.

Menstrual Pain Relief

Effective methods are used to quickly relieve menstrual discomfort, usually within half an hour. Gentle techniques that honor your body’s process are utilized. Some application of heat may be used.

Sexual & Pelvic Dysfunction Healing Bodywork

(Women only)

I work with and listen to your body to alleviate dysfunctional physical patterns restricting ease of movement and function. Advanced external bodywork techniques are employed for the pelvis, nerve, arterial and tissue systems.

Client Reviews

I listen to the client, observe their structure and posture, and customizes a session best tailored to address their needs and related areas.

Amber is incredibly talented and has so much knowledge about the body, her energy is just amazing.

I have been seeing her for a while treating my lower back where I got surgery 11 years ago after being in very bad car accident and got paralyzed from the waist down. I was always in constant pain and she has helped me so much not only I can walk around pain free but I can even touch my toes now!!!!

I also have tendinitis in both of my arms and with only my first session I was able to start moving my hands a lot more, she definitely knows what she’s doing. I’m truly forever grateful of her work, I highly recommend it.

– Maria H.

Amber is a versatile, attentive, attune, and exceptional effective massage therapist. Her holistic approach ensures that what ails the body isn’t left uncovered. I know first hand how healing her diligence is toward fixing fundamental problems and not simply assuaging symptoms. I don’t go anywhere else because I know Amber cares.

– Andrew W.

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