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My name is Amber Lee and I am interested in providing an outlet to the public in the Denver, Longmont/ Boulder, Colorado area, that I can directly work with to improve their health, overall well-being and creativity.

Ever since I was 4 years old I have been learning massage and healing therapies. I initially learned basic methods from my grandmother and then started experimenting with energetic techniques on my own as a teenager with no formal training. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I began learning Daoist energetic practices taught by Master Bruce Frantzis. He is currently the foremost western expert in Wu Style and Yang Style Tai Chi who holds direct lineages from China.

Since then, I have studied privately with his students and attended various retreats, including a month long retreat for Wu Style Short Form Instructor Training in Brighton, England and a 3 week training on Maui, Hawaii in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong. Through these studies, I have been fortunate to gain a profound understanding in body mechanics and alignments. With skills I have learned from him and his students, I have helped a number of my friends and co-workers with injuries from carpal tunnel, tendonitis to knee problems from a car accident. Learning this ancient art has also been key in reviving my overall mood, energy levels, creativity, mental acuity, and physical well-being.

I continue to develop my education in massage and advanced bodywork modalities. These include techniques in visceral manipulation, neural (nerve) manipulation, vascular manipulation, and craniosacral therapy to unwind deeper restrictions in the body. I currently hold massage licenses in both California and Colorado. More about my training and work is on my Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Massage page under Offerings.

Other skills I hope to provide to the public in the future include rehabilitating damaged voices and holistic nutrition counseling. I also hope to explore community building through combining art and education. My intent for now is to build up these skills while networking, sharing and collaborating with others who have similar interests.

Please check out Bruce Frantzis’s website! http://www.energyarts.com/ Lots of good information, events and a community of people there.

Thank you for reading and wishing you a beautiful day!


Licensed Massage Therapist

-State of California CAMTC # 71128

-State of Colorado MT .0023016

Wu Style Short Form Tai Chi Instructor: Level One

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong Instructor: Level Two


San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Arts: Painting and Sculpture. Minor: Holistic Health.


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Human in Progress

The work of Krystal Loyd and Symphony of the Cells Doterra Essential Oil Protocols.

She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist. Graduated from Academy of Healing Nutrition and has been involved in creating homemade skincare products for over 20 years.

To work with Krystal in Wyoming or Colorado, contact her at (725) 726-1663 or her email at ahumaninprogress@gmail.com

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