Hi all,

I’m going to be offering a free introductory chi gung class this Sunday, April 8st at 1529 Pershing Dr at 10am until 11am. My plan is to make this a weekly event. This class will focus on basic body alignments, chi gung movements to improve blood flow, and joint pulsing to alleviate joint pain. Chi gung is the precursor to tai chi.

I’m offering this class because a number of people I know are unfamiliar to the benefits of chi gung and I want to make available this useful knowledge that will help maintain the health of your mind, body and spirit to the community. As we all know, health care costs are not fun to deal with, and we need a way to rely less on medication/health treatments and prevent injuries and body breakdown with preventative care.

Email me at kindle.breath@gmail.com if you have any questions or have any schedule preferences.