How to Reduce Knee Pain: Part 2 (Partner Exercise)

A video of this will be posted within the next week.

The second method of reducing knee pain/pressure is by having a standing position with your feet parallel, hip width to shoulder width apart (whatever is most comfortable for you) and have your knees slightly bent. Have your partner place their hands above the knee, around the circumference of your thigh (or part of it) and gently turn the thigh inwards, making sure that they are not turning the knee/kneecap along with the thigh. You can have this done on the upper part of the thigh, making sure that the hip is nowhere near being thrown out of place, on the middle of the thigh, and 3 inches above the knee. Do this 1-2 times only.

Then have your partner place their hands around your calf, turning the flesh/partial mass of the lower leg gently outwards. Make sure that this is done at least 3 inches below the knee and about an inch above the ankle. Do this 1-2 times.

It is also beneficial for your partner to have one hand turning one half of the leg and the other hand on the other half, stationary and countering the turn.

Once you have done one of each, you can then alternate between the upper and lower part a few times, making sure to be very conscious of alignment and the standing partner’s comfort.


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