Qigong and Tai Chi Updates

Hey All,

Ok, so I’m going to Maui this Summer from June 14-July 3 to train in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong with Master Bruce Frantzis. From now until then my intention is train mucho so I can excel as much as I can while I am there so I can share what I learned there with people in SF.

I’m going to be offering classes in SF on chi gung and maybe beginning tai chi. The reason why I am reluctant to teach people tai chi immediately is because it it essential to get the basic foundations for body alignments, familiarity of basic movements of the body that are subtle, and proper breathing before moving on.

Also, I want to make my classes more accessible and central to people in SF, so I’m thinking about teaching at Noisebridge and in front of the Civic Center building in SF. Who Knows? We’ll find out.

Peace, Love, and the Ease of Your Spirit.


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