Qigong and Tai Chi Classes

Qigong Basics Class: Learn basic body alignments, how to begin feeling chi, reverse joint soreness, carpal tunnel and alleviate arthritis. Practice ways to soften the hip joint, reduce spinal compression, and neck pain, and more. Introduction to Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, Intro to Bend the Bow, Shoot the Arrow (Spinal Qigong), and the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong will be taught. Applications for self-defense within Wu Style Tai Chi and Hsing-I as taught by Master Bruce Frantzis are also available for students to learn. As more students develop proper Qigong fundamentals or arrive to class with Qigong body mechanics already in place, I will open the door to teach Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong and Wu Style Tai Chi (Short Form) for public classes in their complete form. Until then, we want to avoid improper body mechanics as much as possible. If you do have a background in the Daoist martial arts and you are wishing to just learn Dragon and Tiger or Wu Style Tai Chi (Short Form), contact me at kindle.breath@gmail.com for details. Booking Link: https://www.massagebook.com/Longmont~Massage~healing_avenues?src=external#services
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