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Embark on a holistic wellness journey as we explore the transformative benefits of comprehensive bodywork, nurturing not only the physical but also the emotional and spiritual dimensions of your well-being.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Dragon and Tiger Qigong Movements for Energy Flow and Physical Well-being

Embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced vitality and physical well-being with our comprehensive guide to the ancient art of Dragon and Tiger Qigong movements. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of each movement, unlocking their unique therapeutic benefits for energy flow, flexibility, and balance. Whether you're seeking to release tension in your shoulders, activate key energy pathways, or improve overall circulation, these time-honored exercises offer a holistic [...]

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Training in Maui: June 14- June 31

"Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system based on acupuncture. It is sometimes called "meridian-line qigong" because it helps free you of energetic (chi) blockages by balancing the chi flow that runs through the acupuncture meridians or energy channels of your body." - More information can be found on Some of the health benefits Master Frantzis mentioned in the training was that it was used in [...]

Theories and Studies for Why Eating later in the Day is not as Healthy.

So I'm composing this to provide information to myself and others why eating later in the day is not as healthy. My partner and his best friend are trying out an intermittent fasting program where they are allowing themselves to eat during an 8 hour time period, no more, no less. They begin to eat at around 1:30pm generally, and sometimes earlier and end their eating hours at around 9:30pm. I [...]

Qigong and Tai Chi Updates

Hey All, Ok, so I'm going to Maui this Summer from June 14-July 3 to train in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong with Master Bruce Frantzis. From now until then my intention is train mucho so I can excel as much as I can while I am there so I can share what I learned there with people in SF. I'm going to be offering classes in SF on chi gung [...]

Free Chi Gung Class in SF!

Hi all, I’m going to be offering a free introductory chi gung class this Sunday, April 8st at 1529 Pershing Dr at 10am until 11am. My plan is to make this a weekly event. This class will focus on basic body alignments, chi gung movements to improve blood flow, and joint pulsing to alleviate joint pain. Chi gung is the precursor to tai chi. I’m offering this class because a number [...]

How to Reduce Knee Pain: Part 2 (Partner Exercise)

A video of this will be posted within the next week. The second method of reducing knee pain/pressure is by having a standing position with your feet parallel, hip width to shoulder width apart (whatever is most comfortable for you) and have your knees slightly bent. Have your partner place their hands above the knee, around the circumference of your thigh (or part of it) and gently turn the thigh inwards, [...]

How to Reduce Knee Pain

Knee problems are an issue that many individuals over the age of 50 struggle with today. Individuals in in San Francisco have particularly busy lives that involves a great deal of walking and biking which over time can take its toll on the knees of an individual.Some techniques that can help alleviate knee pain without pharmaceutical drugs are:1) Creating space behind the back of the knee.2) Adjusting Knee Alignment (Tricky and [...]

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