Himalayan Bowls

Frequency and vibration are what make up this universe, and affects us to our core & cells. I utilize Himalayan singing bowls made by monks in Nepal, tuned to the overall frequency of each chakra to help balance, harmonize and soothe our bodies, minds and soul. I play a few other instruments such as the tingshas, crystal singing bowl and alto flute for more interwoven sound experience. My training in sound healing began with a friend in San Francisco where we offered improvisational sound baths at the Healing Well ( https://www.healingwellsf.org/ ) in the Tenderloin district. The journey then continued with formal training in Himalayan bowl sound healing with the Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School in Boulder, Colorado. https://www.atmabuti.org/

Session rate:

1 hour session for $100

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