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Wu Style Tai Chi (Short Form)

“Tai Chi is trying to get rid of human compulsion” – My notes from Bruce Frantzis’ lectures in 2011 Wu Style Tai Chi (Short Form) Instructor Training in Brighton, England.

The benefits of Tai Chi are far-reaching. Tai chi trains the major ligaments, tones the muscles, trains biomechanical alignments, massages the internal organs through constant turning of the waist and limbs, stretches the body, reduces neck, back and shoulder pain, regulates fluid movement in the body. It also increases breathing capacity, chi flow, reduces stress, encourages emotional, mental, energetic relaxation, and later, spiritual relaxation.

Consists of 4 main energies:

1) Peng: Rising/Expansion

2) Liu: Roll Back, absorption of energy

3) Ji: Project forward

4) An: Press Down

More can be found on Master Frantzis’ website:

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